Incredible Flavors proudly represents LavAzza.

For over 127 years, LavAzza of Torino, Italy, has been the leader in coffee and coffee equipment innovations. Its equipment is ideal for hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops.

LavAzza has shared its expertise and knowledge with the Incredible Flavors team. We supply, service, and repair LavAzza equipment. It’s just one of the ways to serve you better.

LavAzza LB 4700

With settings for latte macchiato, cappuccino, long espresso, hot or cold frothy milk, and specific doses, LavAzza’s LB4700 satisfies every taste.

LavAzza Classy Mini

Limited space? LavAzza’s Classy Mini is a top-of-the-line espresso machine ideal for your office.

Incredible Delivery

Weekly delivery in the Greater Orlando, Tampa, and Gainesville areas

Bi-weekly (every other week) delivery to Daytona Beach, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach

Convenient Monday - Friday pick-up at 4424 Seaboard Rd., Suite B, Orlando

Lavazza Expert Classy Plus

Classy Plus is a unique and innovative coffee brewer capable of preparing coffee and milk-based beverages. It’s ideal for small offices and conference rooms, providing fresh milk-based beverages, espresso, and 8 oz coffee.

Expert Omnia Single Serve Espresso & Coffee Brewer Machine

OMNIA provides fresh milk espresso-based beverages, two broilers, storage drawers, and adjustable height for different cup sizes.

Classy Pro

The Classy Pro Single Serve & Coffee Brewer Machine has a docking station for your coffee accessories and a handy milk fridge.

LavAzza Coffees

Founded in 1895, this Italy-based company is not only dedicated to creating the perfect cup of coffee but also to sustainability.