If your hotel doesn’t offer coffee for its guests, why not? Partnering with a Melbourne coffee delivery service will transform your guest relationship one cup at a time.

Every hotel owner and manager strives for the ultimate guest experience. One simple way to make your guests feel at home is with coffee service. Your hotel coffee bar can be as simple as regular and decaf or as extravagant as a full-service coffee shop, but make no mistake, coffee is key to the hospitality industry. If you want to add a coffee experience for your guests or need to up your coffee game, our Melbourne coffee delivery service is here to help.

Why Hotel Coffee?

Coffee at a hotel is one of the simplest perks you can offer to your guests. It can be “free” in the hotel lobby (free, meaning the costs can be built into the room rates) or served by a hotel barista. However you offer it to your guests, coffee makes travelers feel at home.

Travelers on business trips crave that morning cup of joe to boost their productivity and get their creative juices flowing. According to a recent survey of coffee drinkers, more than half of them believed that their productivity for the day largely depended on whether they were able to enjoy their morning coffee.

Vacationers like to kick back with a more relaxing cup of coffee in the morning and maybe another cup in the afternoon. There’s something universally familiar about coffee that makes your guests enjoy their hotel experience more.

How To Up Your Coffee Game

Most hotels offer in-room coffee with a pod-based machine and powdered creamer. While we can appreciate the need for a just-out-of-bed cup of coffee (desperate times, right?), when you offer your guests freshly brewed, high-quality coffee in the hotel lobby, it’s worth the effort to put on shoes and get on the elevator.

Think about going one step further and offering your guests coffee service to their door. Freshly-brewed coffee delivered on a tray with china cups and actual milk or cream is a simple (and inexpensive) way to show how much you care about their coffee experience.

And, of course, the ultimate coffee experience comes from a barista fashioning a custom coffee beverage in a hotel coffee shop. What do all of these options have in common? The need for a coffee delivery service.

Melbourne coffee delivery service

Why Use A Delivery Service?

When you go to the effort of setting up a lobby coffee bar or a full-service coffee shop, you need to offer the highest quality coffee, or the guest experience will suffer. Incredible Flavors delivers a variety of Italian-style coffees from LavAzza of Tornio, Italy. You can order whole beans, ground coffee, coffee pods, cold brew, and coffee blends from this world-renowned coffee leader.

We also offer over 140 flavorings, syrups, sauces, and more to make your guests’ coffee experience unforgettable. Standard flavors and seasonal specials can make your coffee menu a unique memory for your coffee-loving guests. And for those who love tea more, we can deliver teas from Mighty Leaf and Twinings to meet the taste expectations of any tea connoisseur. 

Incredible Flavors Makes Melbourne Coffee Delivery Service Simple

Our online customer portal lets our customers place orders, update their shipments, and more. Coffee is delivered to your Melbourne hotel every other week according to your needs. Want to try a seasonal flavor for that TikTok drink you saw? No problem! We don’t charge a case-break fee, so that you can buy items by the bottle, case, or pallet.  

Regardless of your coffee needs, Incredible Flavors delivers. Contact us today to get started.