From simple to spicy, we break down the major flavor trends you’ll see this year and how to implement them to your menu with our Orlando coffee syrup wholesale delivery.

Basic is out and different is in. Sure, some people still drink their coffee black and their tea with no milk or sugar, but we’re seeing some exciting trends that are only possible with flavorings like the ones that we offer at Incredible Flavors. Learn how to easily add these trends to your shop menu this year. Who knows? They may be so popular, they’ll stick around all year!

Blends That Heighten The Senses

This year, coffee and tea drinkers will want to savor not only the beverage they’re enjoying but the entire experience as well. Think of the five senses: sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell. How can a beverage hit all of those sensory notes? By using dramatic elements like bubbles, flames, shaped ice, tapioca pearls, and more. 

Flavors To Consider

Featured Recipe

Spring Roll – This green tea-based concoction features coconut and honey jasmine syrups and popping boba.

Innovative Blends And Prep Methods

Orlando coffee syrup wholesale

The more creative the blend, the better, as coffee and tea connoisseurs are asking baristas to raise the bar on their blends. New methods like flash chilling and snap chilling will also become mainstream in 2023. 

Flavors To Consider

Featured Recipe

Sparkling Cold Brew Mocha – A twist on a cold coffee, this cold brew blends coffee with mocha syrup and soda water for a new take on an old-fashioned soda counter favorite.

Sustainability And Eco-Consciousness

Coffee and tea drinkers care where their products come from, how they are made, and how their choices affect the planet. At Incredible Flavors, we offer Orlando coffee syrup wholesale options that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. From our LaVazza coffee and Mighty Leaf teas to our Monin syrups and Oatly dairy alternatives, we care as much about the environment as you do. 

Clean Label Flavors To Consider

Featured Recipe

Green Goddess Shrub – This mocktail combines green tea, cucumber flavoring, lemon, and celery bitters into a bright refreshing drink.

Simplicity With A Twist

As we begin a new year, we are drawing comfort from gathering over a simple beverage that’s just classic enough to trigger nostalgia, but with a twist to keep it fresh.

Flavors To Consider

Featured Recipe

Dragon’s Passion – Fun and fruity, this bright pink drink is sweet and simple with dragon fruit syrup, lemonade, and popping boba.

Keep It Spicy

Spice makes its way into drinks this year in a major way. There’s nothing quite like a cool, sweet, and spicy coffee, tea, or mocktail to keep your taste buds on their proverbial toes.

Flavors To Consider:

Featured Recipe:

Mangonata Smoothie – Simple, spicy, and satisfying, this smoothie only has two ingredients – mango fruit smoothie mix and jalapeno concentrated flavor. 

Incredible Flavors Can Keep Your Coffee Shop On-Trend

We are excited to see what trends go mainstream this year with our Orlando coffee syrup wholesale products. If you’re looking to add more variety to your menu, kick things up in the spice department, or you want to get back to basics, you can order any of our flavorings by the case, box, or bottle. We make it easy for you to experiment and find your own unique branded beverage. Contact our team today to get started.