Ever wonder where your Orlando wholesale coffee supplies come from? The coffee journey is extensive and fascinating! Let’s discover how it goes from seed to store.

Incredible Flavors’ Orlando wholesale coffee supplies are conveniently delivered to your coffee shop, hotel, or restaurant each week, but how do they make it from plant to palate? Coffee beans typically follow a long journey to get to your coffee cup, and we want to share this process with you. Follow along to see how your wholesale coffee goes from bean to brew!

Step 1: Seeds

A coffee bean is a seed that can grow into a coffee plant if it’s not harvested before it takes root. The best place for coffee seeds to grow is in shaded nurseries, in large beds. The seedling soil must stay moist while the roots take hold. These seedlings need lots of water and shade to help them grow large enough to be permanently planted.

Step 2: Cherry Harvest

When the coffee plant grows for three to four years, it will bear fruit called cherries. This fruit is bright red and resembles a traditional cherry, and the “meat” grows around the coffee bean. Harvesting can occur by hand (a tedious process) or by machine, and it can take up to 200 pounds of coffee cherries to produce 40 pounds of coffee!

Step 3: Cherry Processing

Not every cherry makes the cut – once the harvest gets to the processor, the cherries are checked for quality, and any with impurities are removed. There are two methods for processing cherries: dry and wet. 

The dry method is used in areas with limited resources and involves spreading the cherries over a large surface to allow them to dry over time. Once the moisture level drops to 11%, the beans are ready for the next step. 

The wet method removes the pulp so that all that covers the bean while it dries is the skin. The beans are then passed through water channels and separated by size and weight. Beans processed using this method must undergo an extra drying process to get their moisture level to 11%.

Step 4 – Milling The Beans

You’ll remember that our beans still have that parchment skin layer covering them, and it needs to be removed. There are a few steps in the removal process.

Step 5 – Blending The Beans

LaVazza coffee beans are shipped to Italy, where they are blended to create unique flavor combinations that you won’t get with a single bean variety. LaVazza’s expert blenders know how to make the most flavorful blends for your customers.

Step 6 – Roasting The Beans

After the beans have been blended, LaVazza uses cutting-edge technology and experienced tasters to check each batch of coffee to ensure it meets their strict quality standards. 

Step 7 – Grinding The Beans

Orlando wholesale coffee supplies

How long you grind your beans depends on how you plan to brew your coffee. The quicker the brew, the finer the grind. Drip coffee can use a coarse grind, while espresso needs a finer, almost powder-like consistency. 

Step 8 – Brewing The Coffee

Finally! It’s time to brew and enjoy those beans that have traveled so far and gone through so much to get to your cup. It’s a lengthy process but well worth it!

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